HIA Topics


The Health Impact Assessment (HIA) team will produce analyses on the potential impacts of the California High-Speed Rail System in four topic areas: Environmental Health, Mobility, Community Quality of Life, and Worker Health.

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Environmental Health

Environmental health is concerned with parts of the physical world that affect human health, such as, exposure to air pollution, the quality of local parks, and walkable neighborhoods.


Mobility is the ability to move around a neighborhood, town or city to go to school or work, see friends and family, and do other activities like going to the doctor. Ideally it is accessible to all, safe, convenient, and environmentally friendly.

Community Quality of Life

Quality of life measures the overall positive and negative aspects of people’s lives including, economic well-being, housing and neighborhood quality, social and mental well-being.

Worker Health

Where people work is just as critical to their health as where they live. The work environment can expose people to harmful or beneficial conditions. Harms may include exposure to high noise levels and dust while benefits may include employment and health insurance.

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